Raye the store 
   is a traveling pop-up concept providing a discovery space for conscious consumers interested in innovative and emerging food, drink, wellness & beauty brands.

Wolf & Badger concession
102 Berwick st. london. w1f 0qb.
1 May -31 July

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Wolf & Badger Discovery boxes

Curated for you - by raye.

Let our Discovery Boxes surprise you or a loved-one with a specially selected range of goods from some of the most exciting, emerging and innovative brands featured at our Wolf & Badger concession.

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Scotch Bonnet chilli preserves elevating your cheeseboards & dishes.



Great combinations lead to great things. Friends & Firepits. Music & Mates. Drinks & Good Times. VODKA&SODA.



We are (Un)Ordinary, independent, family-owned British brand from Hampshire.


AKT London

a new deodorant BORN TO PERFORM

since 2021


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Pop-up stores





since 2021

till now

Our mission is to give purpose-driven brands a new kind of marketing opportunity. To see and be seen. To connect and learn. To collaborate. To inspire and be inspired.

We are not here to be just another place to shop but to revolutionise the concept of physical retail; offering experiences that empower and elevate brands by showcasing their products and connecting them with consumers, industry, press and a growing collective of like-minded businesses.


Rethinking traditional marketing strategies, raye the store offers these brand a more holistic opportunity; physical retail with the perks of cross marketing, event and ‘trade show’ activities.

raye @ Wolf & Badger


01.05.24 - 31.06.24

Food, Drink & Wellnes


"Featuring as a brand at Raye's Beauty Edition Pop-up has been an incredible experience from start to finish. The team running the store were amazing and went above and beyond to showcase our brand in the best possible light. There were events and demo opportunities which proved invaluable for face-to-face customer feedback. Especially as we are a new brand. The store in Notting Hill was impeccably designed and it was clear a lot of thought and effort had gone into creating an inviting atmosphere.

The foot traffic was impressive and I was thrilled to see so many people engaging with my brand. It was a fantastic opportunity to get our name out there and connect with customers and buyers in a meaningful way.

I can't recommend it enough to other brands looking to showcase their products in a dynamic and exciting environment."

Sophie Beaumont

Founder Tenth Muse

"I have been a fan of Raye since it began with it’s very first store and I knew I wanted My Skin Feels to be part of it when it was ready - it did NOT disappoint. It was the perfect way to launch my brand, to get it in front of the general public, beauty connoisseurs and industry insiders. It’s given me valuable feedback and lots of fabulous exposure. Plus, I have been honoured to be on shelves alongside some other super cool brands that set the precedent for a new wave of innovation in beauty. Nicole and the team were excellent support both front of house and behind the scenes and I would well and truly recommend using all of the knowledge and wizardry that the Raye team has to offer for your brand."

Danielle Clementina Close

Founder My Skin Feels

"At Kooky, we love Raye The Store and we are so grateful toNicole for creating such a concept to promote and supportchallenger brands. The decoration is minimalistic & contemporary,perfect to showcase all the different brands with their uniquedesigns and colours. We enjoyed our sampling event and weredelighted to introduce our exotic dried fruit to the curiouscustomers & food experts. This is the place to be if you are lookingto increase your brand awareness & to be seen by food buyers!"

Aline Burgmann

Founder Kooky

"My opportunity at Raye has been invaluable, and has played a crucial part in the journey of my brand. My goal has always been to create the best product and experience possible for my customers, and the month here has given me the opportunity to showcase my products, engage with consumers and most importantly - gather as much real-life feedback so that my business can thrive.

Whether it be to gain brand awareness, or the opportunity to get your product in front of key buyers, joining Raye will always be a risk worth taking; whether it be for brand awareness, or to gain a clearer and more confident strategy in your route to market."

Jubilee Fox

Founder The Good Grain

"Raye has played an integral part of our brand's journey - allowing us to test concepts, increase brand awareness, and get invaluable customer feedback. Raye was our very first stockist and provided a launch pad to later listings with Planet Organic and Holland &Barrett. It's an incredible opportunity for challenger brands that I would highly, highly recommend. Even as we scale, we will continue to use Raye as an opportunity to connect with consumers and be apart of a supportive network of brands all working to push the needle on innovation."

Teddy Levenfiche

Co-Founder PerfectTed

“With our new flavours and packaging having finally come together in October, Raye E05 in November presented the perfect opportunity to 'launch' our full range on a retail shelf (for the first time!). We got some great feedback and gave us useful insight into customer behaviour. Having watched the Raye brand and reputation grow over the past year, when it came to E05 I didn't doubt that they'd built relationships with the retailers and buyers in front of whom we needed to be. We look forward to being part of more Raye's to come as they continue to popup in different locations around London.”

Chloë Stewart

Founder nibs etc.

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